The solved assignment

A whitepaper for innovations

Responsibility sustainable world
Business model Changes to our industry
Delivery time 18 days
The Need

We aks you to capture this subcontractor model in a white paper. You need to come to a conclusion, there must be a summary and the benefits for all parties involved should be clearly stated.

The Goal What is this assignment about?

We all have our role to play to move towards a sustainable future. Differences can be made at our own scale. Bigger players can play a crucial role driving industry-wide change, should they take up the responsibility. We are determined to take on our responsibility to create a sustainable world for future generations. We would like to drive an industry-wide change by introducing a new business model based on bringing bigger changes to our industry faster. We need to create a whitepaper to introduce this new concept, the sub-contractor model, to our whole industry. This concept's purpose is to reduce the complexity in the way we currently do business. Ultimately, it would bring speed and flexibility to innovate. What would a white paper about this innovative concept look like?

The Deliverable

The white paper in the format you deem most suitable

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