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A framework to calculate our carbon footprint

Greenhouse Gas emissions
Sustainable Future
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The Need

We ask you to calculate the carbon footprint of our Modular Plastic Belting solution (both for a food and non-food application) and of our Tensioned Flat Belt.

The Goal What is this assignment about?

This is no news to you: greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are one of the main causes of climate change. Governments, states, and citizens are now working side by side to mitigate and eventually prevent any greenhouse gas emissions. In the business world, organizations are doubling efforts to look for ways to improve and eventually cancel out their carbon footprint (CF). We are determined to work every day towards a more sustainable future. In order to improve, we must first understand where we stand. To do so, we would like to calculate the carbon footprint of our solutions and compare it to our direct competitors. We need a clear methodology on how to calculate the carbon footprint for our solutions in the most accurate way possible. This should lead to a reliable and accurate calculation of the carbon footprint of our solutions. To develop this framework, it is your job to identify the difference between the carbon footprint of our modular plastic belt and the carbon footprint of our competitor. You will first need to identify the right variables to measure this footprint. Afterward, you can actually make the total carbon footprint calculation for over a 20 year timespan, in order to give us the proper insights into the differences between the two products.

The Deliverable

Your solution in the format you deem most suitable.

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